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Our Range of Products


Hinges, locks, interior and exterior door handles, espagnolettes, door brakes, accessories, TT-systems (DK) and installation products.


Hinges, locks, handles, espagnolettes, sash connectors, TT-systems (DK), ventilators and installation products. 


Underlays, vapour barriers, sealants, roof windows, domelights, flat roof skylights and smoke/heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEV).


Scanforma interior door range of sliding doors and hidden hinged doors with concealed frames


Aluminium  profile systems for facade, windows and doors as well as partitional inner walls 


Fresh air ventilators and selection of filters for the most common vents in nearby markets


Interest group magazine can be read online as well

Scancerco’s interest group magazine Helakka is available in digital form.


Scancerco Oy has joined Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy:n Luotettava Kumppani -programme.


Themed Newsletter

Scancerco Oy has a newsletter that is delivered to subscribers’ email addresses. It doesn’t only include the company releases but also timely information about products and industry’s phenomena. All tailored business communications take place only through the newsletter.

We have themed the newsletters to company releases and product and industry news. Subscribing to the newsletter always requires for you to select the themes. You can change your subscription settings any time.

A Flexible and Reliable Supplier
to Building Construction Industries

As a warehousing wholesale supplier, Scancerco Oy is able to provide not only it’s own but also its represented trademarks’ products in a short delivery time. This way our customers save on storage space and expenses. If wanted, products can be ordered for the needs of production lines with e.g. using kanban system (Lean manufacturing) or weekly orders.
In addition we offer our customers unique product customizations where we produce final products from components or modify them according to customers’ needs and measurements.
For controlled fresh air inlet both in gravitational and mechanical ventilation systems.

Biobe AirMax -Supply Air Ventilator

Biobe AirMax -supply air ventilator can be installed into a window frame, a milled/drilled air channel in the upper sash or the installation gap between the window and the wall. The ventilator can be equipped with a silencer. The air capacity of Biobe AirMax 60 is 8,41/s (10 Pa).


The ventilator has
  • a backdraft valve that prevents the air backflow
  • quick installation, fast change of filters
  • an excellent HAF-allergen filter 
  • stepless air controlling


A Reliable and Long Lasting Customer Partnerships

We are a wholesale supplier as well as a cooperational business associate to our customers  – a trusted partner toward achieving financial goals.

Quick Deliveries

Stock item orders made in the morning (before 12AM), are shipped during the same day, order made in the afternoon (after 12AM) are shipped the next day. Direct pick-up orders from our warehouse are possible as well.


Nimble Component Service

Alongside our standard products, we offer product customization. We produce ready to install, final products and product sets to fit our customers’ measurements and needs, even in small quantities.

Get to know our story

Events and occasions throughout our timeline.

The story of Scancerco started in 1976 when Scanfinn Oy (Ltd) was established as a wholesale supplier of construction products. Later on Scancerco Oy and Biobe Oy were established alongside it.

The three companies were merged under the same roof in March 2017. And from that point the business continued by the name Scancerco Oy.

Said About Us

  • A reliable and solution-oriented partner.

    Designer, Window Factory
    Customer Satisfaction Survey 1/2017
  • The deliveries are punctual and as ordered.

    Quality Controller, Window Factory
    Customer Satisfaction Survey 1/2017
  • Good reliability and quick deliveries.

    CEO, Window Factory
    Customer Satisfaction Survey 1/2017
  • Higher quality products than average. Easy to contact if any problems occur.

    Buyer, Door Factory
    Customer Satisfaction Survey 1/2017
  • Recommends our installation services to the customers.

    CEO, Maintenance Business
    Customer Satisfaction Survey 1/2017
  • Stable quality of products.

    Buyer, Door Factory, Sweden
    Customer Satisfaction Survey 1/2017
  • Focus on customer’s problems and specialty needs.

    CEO, Window Factory
    Customer Satisfaction Survey 1/2017
  • Customer-oriented and caring of the customer.

    Buyer, Other Industry Field
    Customer Satisfaction Survey 2/2019
  • Values the needs of the customer, quickly reacts to problems with faulty items or service.

    Salesperson, Door Industry
    Customer Satisfaction Survey 2/2019
  • Scancerco’s reliability of delivery is really good.

    CEO, Trade of Accessories
    Customer Satisfaction Survey 2/2019
  • The customer service is excellent and polite.

    Supervisor, Construction Business
    Customer Satisfaction Survey 2/2019

We would gladly receive your feedback on your experiences with our customer service, be it face to face, via email, phone or through other channels. The feedback can be given anonymously or under your name. Sent feedback is automatically registered into our quality control database.

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